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My First Pitch is now available online!


My First Pitch is the official introduction to Baseball Canada’s pitching program. This program is designed for 11U/13U coaches and aims to increase athletes' interest in baseball at the Learn to Train stage of development. My First Pitch introduces topics such as Grips, Pitching Mechanics and Proper Throwing Techniques while demonstrating multiple drills to identify and correct major pitching flaws. The program also helps coaches, athletes and parents understand the rationale behind Baseball Canada’s pitch count approach.



1. Reduce the number of young athletes with arm injuries by teaching them proper throwing mechanics
2. Provide athletes with the necessary skills to play baseball in order to increase fun
3. Prevent coaches and athletes to specialize in one position at this age group
4. Increase awareness of pitch count and the negative effect of overuse
5. Help parents realize this is the most important stage for the development of baseball specific skills

Note: Baseball Manitoba will not be offering in-person clinics in 2021. All new 11U & 13U head coaches will be required to take the My First Pitch eLearning Module located on the NCCP website. This interactive module is a great educational tool for coaches dealing with players of all levels and is available for $14.95.

Coaches can register for this training using their account at


New 11U & 13U Head Coaches are required to complete this training. Coaches who previously took the MFP clinic in person will not be required to take the new training - but it is highly recommended that they do. Those coaches will see a black check mark indicating they have received credit based on prior training.

Note: Coaches accounts will be updated over the next couple of weeks.

PD Points
Certified Coaches will receive 1 PD Point for completing this training.

For more information, contact James at

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