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Coach Mentoring

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Mentoring Coach
Evaluation Form

Baseball Manitoba has created an apprentice coach mentoring program on a 3-year pilot basis.  The objective is to help recruit more young coaches at all levels of competition. The new program has the following features:


Apprentice Coaches will:

  • Serve as an Apprentice Coach for only one season, after which the normal NCCP training requirements would apply for the age division and competitive level that he/she desires to coach.

  • Be recommended as an Apprentice via a letter of reference from a non-parent adult familiar with the applicant’s character and baseball knowledge.

  • Present an acceptance note from the Head Coach of the team that the Apprentice would serve.

  • Complete the Respect-in-Sport online course not later than two weeks into the season.

  • Not be a parent of any player on the team.

  • Be strongly encouraged to begin NCCP training as soon as they develop an interest in coaching beyond the single season.

  • be subject to any current club or association requirements for child-abuse and criminal registry checks, just like any other rostered coach

  • Complete a post-season evaluation form on their experience as an Apprentice Coach.


Mentor Coaches will:

  • Commit to helping develop the Apprentice’s coaching skills through the season.

  • Complete an evaluation form at the end to the season describing the Apprentice’s progress and suggestions for further development.  Mentors will also be asked for feedback on the overall Apprentice Program


This program is available at all competitive levels (A, AA and AAA). The number of Apprentice Coaches per team is a maximum of two, AND not more than one Apprentice for each fully certified coach on the same roster.


Following are some key points about administration of this program in 2018:

  1. Each Area Association with be responsible for receiving the above application materials and approving the participation of any individual apprentice.

  2. Areas or Leagues will submit roster forms as normal to Baseball Manitoba including any apprentice coaches on the special lines provided.

  3. Once a decision has been made about accepting an apprentice coach, area associations will send copies of the letter of referral and the acceptance note to Baseball Manitoba (electronic copies preferred, paper copies acceptable).

  4. Upon acceptance of an apprentice, Area Associations will share immediately the end-of-season evaluation forms with all apprentices and mentors.

  5. At the end of the season, Areas please also let us know YOUR thoughts and suggestions about the pilot apprentice program.


Attached for your use are:  electronic templates for the letters of recommendation, acceptance note from the mentoring coach, and end-of-season evaluation forms.


We hope that you will take this opportunity to introduce some promising new coaches to the game!

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